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Aug 18

Mantra for black magic protection:- +91 9694804970

Posted on Saturday, August 18, 2012 in Black Magic

please perform the 2 praises to Tara at the Dharma Center four times in a week. As you are not doinig the full sadhana, you should start with refuge and bodhicitta, then the four immeasurable thoughts, then generate bodhicitta, followed by the seven limbs and short mandala offering.
When you do the 21 praises to Tara, you can reiccte each of the Tara Manras, with a strong prayer to each tara for joanne to recover fromm her illness.
when it comes to white Tara, reicte the white Tara mantra 30 times, sending white purifying light to joanne.
When it comes to Tara Destroing all Obstacles, recite this mantra 70 times, visualizing Tara sending light destroing all obstacles, diseases, spirt harm, and negative karma, Recite the mantra with this visualization.

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